CTTC Participated China International Automobile Interiors Exhibition

From:Marketing Division of Testing Center     Date:2012-11-01

Keyword:China International Automobile Interiors Exhibition;testing

China has been the world’s largest automobile producer and consumer country. With the increase of the automobile quality level, the automotive interior has been attracting more and more attentions and interest. And the safety and comfort of leather or textile seat material is attracting special attention of the major automobile manufacturers. In order to a better development of the automotive interior industry, the CCPIT(China Council for the Promotion of International Trade) host this China international automobile interiors exhibition.

17th-19th OCT 2012,CTTC participated this exhibition. CTTC has always been committed to the testing and research of the automobile interior .With the development and expanding of CTTC, we can provide various testing scrupulously and justly. As a responsible third party testing organization, we do not only test various materials to the automobile producers, but also we played a certain role of standardizing the inland automobile interiors market.