ISO/TC38/WG23 & WG22 Meetings Held in Beijing

From:Standardization Center     Date:2013-02-27

On Feb. 19-22, 2013, ISO/TC38/WG23 & WG22 meetings were held in Beijing, which was organized by CTTC. The participants came from Japan, UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, USA and China.
WG23 is the Working Group related to Testing for antimicrobial and odor, and WG22 is Working Group related to Fiber identification and chemical analysis. During the meeting, Chinese experts proposed the comments and advice on the ISO standards draft, which was recognized by the experts from other countries. In WG22 meeting, the three standards proposed by China were discussed, i.e. ISO/DIS 14389 Textiles – Determination of phthalates’ content in textile products, ISO/WD 17881 Textiles – Determination of certain flame retardants (3 parts) and revision of ISO 17751:2007 Textiles - Quantitative analysis of animal fibres by microscopy - Cashmere, wool, speciality fibres and their blends. As the main drafter, CTTC is responsible for develop ISO/DIS 14389 and ISO/WD 17881. Chinese experts presented the main technical contents, the problems and suggestions on the above three standards, which reached expected result.