China National Textiles Supervision Testing Center 


As a subsidiary of CTA and CTTC, China National Textiles Supervision Testing Center (Certificate No.016), which was founded by original "Ministry of Textile Industry of Republic of China" in1985 and approved by original 'National Economic & Trade Committee' and 'National Standard Bureau’ in April 1987, is the first national-level testing organization in Chinese textile and apparel industry. The testing center is accredited by CNAS (Certificate No.: CNAS L 0783). The name was changed into "China National Textiles Supervision Testing Center"  instead of "China National Cotton Textiles Testing Center " by CNCA in April 2007.

The testing center is a third-party laboratory, which is approved and authorized by AQSIQ and CNCA. The accredited testing scope involves: textiles, natural fibers, chemical fibers, yarns, fabrics, household textiles, nonwoven fabrics, industrial textiles, special properties textiles, knitted fabrics, apparel, leather, down and so on. There are 500 accredited test items according to 2,000 domestic and overseas standards including GB, ISO, IWS, ASTM, AATCC, BS, JIS, EN, NF, DIN. The testing center is one of the several testing centers, which have high testing capability in China.

In recent years, CTTC developed key test items about eco-textiles, anti-bacterial textiles, which are of great realistic and far-reaching significance to the development of Chinese textile testing. On ecological testing, the talented technicians are attracted and advanced instruments are imported. The approved test items include harmful dyes, formaldehyde, heavy metals, Phthalates, Pesticide Residues, PCP/TeCP/OPP, APEO, VOC, etc. in Oeko-tex 100/200, Eco-lable, GB/T18885, GB18401 standards. On antibacterial testing, CTTC established super clean lab and can test items according to GB/T 20944, FZ/T 73023, JIS L1902:1998, FZ/T 01021-92, AATCC 100-1999, AATCC 147-2004, GB 15979, AATCC 30-1993, GB/T 2423.16, etc.

In addition, CTTC pays attention to develop the special functional test items, such as thermal and water-vapour resistance, waterproof, oil resistance, anti-electrostatic, flame retardant, winkle-free, UV-proof, antibacterial, hazardous substances etc. The testing products also include nonwoven, coated fabric, rope, belt, geo synthetics, automotive interior materials, tent, etc., which of them are used in the main developing industry and are related to the safety of the national economy and the people's livelihood. Practice has proved that the developed new testing items meet the applicants’ needs in different fields.

With the spirit of “Service first, Answer for test result”, CTTC tries to help the applicant to solve the quality problems and the test result and report are issued fairly and timely. CTTC has well reputation in the field of commerce, industry, agriculture, mining industry, aerospace, national defence, fire fighting, architecture, transportation, healthcare etc.

CTTC has become the most influential textile testing center in China and will provide “fair, scientific, authoritative, accurate, timely, comprehensive, sincere” service as we always did.

Based on Standardization Institute of Textile Industry, CTTC carried out many textile testing and standard research subjects while finishing daily testing work. In recent years, CTTC has carried out and finished some national research projects about Eco-textiles, healthy and safety properties, high tensile PE fiber, geo synthetics and been praised by administrative departments. Up to now, CTTC finished 350 projects about GB standards, test equipments and testing technology, over 30 of which are awarded by national and provincial organization. And over 280 technical theses are written and published.

CTTC keeps in touch with international well-known textile organizations closely and often takes part in the international comparable tests with different labs, such as French institute of textiles, Intertek, SGS, Testex, FITI and so on. In recent years, CTTC sent the technicians to be trained in the new testing technology, standardization, testing method, testing instruments in order to keep up with  advanced  textile testing information in USA, Britain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Japan etc.

With the development of textiles in China, CTTC set up more than 10 offices in China. They are in Shenzhen, Shaoxing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jinjiang, Qingdao, Xi’an, Shengze, Wenzhou, Hongkong.

CTTC, with a history of textile testing for more than 20 years, is a comprehensive testing center in textile industry in China, especially on special function properties test items related the national economy and the people's livelihood, industrial textiles, Eco-textiles. In accordance with GB/T 15481 (idt ISO/IEC 17025), CTTC provides comprehensive, professional, timely and satisfied service for applicants by improving and developing institutional management, strengthening procedural management and improving testing capability.

CTTC will become a veritable international textile testing center in the near future.