Issue and Subscription



     If you subscript the Journal, please directly contact the editorial office.


     Make a phone call or send letter to get the order form, and also download it on the website. After fill out in the order form, please send it to the editorial office via fax or mail, and remit subscription charge through bank or post office. Expense account on the order form is taken as invoice to reimburse. If formal invoice is needed, please note on the fax or letter.

      1. If you directly remit, the editorial office will fill out the order form for you, and then mail the invoice to you.

      2. It is necessary to note clearly receiver's name, detail address including postal code, organization and sector on the remittance receipt.

       3. The Journal will be sent out when the remittance is received by the editorial office.



Remit via bank:

                      Account name: China Textile Academy

                      Account bank:Industrial and Commercial Bank of China,Beijing Ba Li Zhuang Branch

                      Account number:0200003809014415884

Remit via post office:

                      Address: No.3 Yanjingli Middle St., Chaowai, Beijing 100025, China

                      Editorial Office of Textile Standard and Quality

                      Contact person: Cheng Yi 

                      Tel: +86 10 65003779 

                       Fax: +86 10 65987317