China National Textile Metrology Station


China National Textile Metrology Station is authorized by AQSIQ as a legal metrological verification institution throughout the country to carry out metrological verification, calibration and test. The main duties are as follows:

1. Management of metrology

National textile metrology station’s operation is supervised by AQSIQ, MIIT, CNTAC and CTA. It is responsible for training textile technicians, compiling training materials, establishing outline of exams, etc. 

2. Developing and modifying metrology regulations

Organize experts in textile metrology field to develop and modify metrology regulations and manage related matters. Now over 60 industrial metrology verification regulations has been developed and modified, which establishes a solid foundation and provides legal basis for textile metrology.

3. Value transfer

We have established four department top metrology criterion installations:

     - Capacitive yarn evenness tester metrology criterion installation;

     - Standard dynamometric lever calibrating installation

     - Textile specific weight criterion

     - Textile specific high-resistance resistor criterion installation

We have high-skilled technicians and can carry out the businesses covering metrological verification, calibration and test. The instruments include fiber testers, yarn testers, fabric testers, dyeing-and-finishing testers, geotextile testers, ecotextile, safety protection testers, etc.

4. Supplying testing instruments

      - CTTC-001 yarn evenness tester

      - CU series fibre fineness tester

      - Geomembrane hydrostatic pressing performance tester

      - Flat press-burn tester

      - Ironing-subliming color fastness tester

      - Coat texture resist water seepage performance tester

      - Vertical permeability tester

5. Maintaining textile testing instruments

Maintaining all kinds of textile testers such as USTER yarn evenness tester, USTER CLASSIMAT, LASERSCAN fineness tester, tensometer, etc.

6. Research of Metrology 

We have undertaken lots of research projects on textile metrological technique including basic technique and metrology of textile specific testers at home and overseas.