Metrology Scope


Following national Metrological Law and based on the four top metrology criterion installation, we carry out metrological verification,calibration and test for the textile instrument.

Verification,calibration and test scope: 


No. Sort Instrument Names
1 Tester for Fibre  Raw cotton moisture tester, Raw cotton length tester, Micronaire fibre fineness tester, Cotton fibre maturity tester, Roller fibre diagram machine, Pressley tester, SIROLAN-TENSOR, Single fibre strength tester, Crimp elasticity tester,Fibre cutter, Fibre melting point tester, Fibre frictionmeter, Raw cotton impurity analyzer, Comb-piece wool length analyzer, Capacitive fiber length analyzer, Optical fiber length analyzer, Textured Tester etc.
2 Tester for Yarn  Capacitive yarn evenness tester, Sample skein winder, Yarn examining machine, Single Yarn Strength Tester, Yarn Hairiness Tester, Yarn defect classification device, Silk cohesion tester, Raw silk fineness tester, Cut-off machine, Raw silk examining machine, Silk tensile instrument, Fineness tester, Elater tester, TEX scaler, Capacitive thick yarn evenness tester, Saco-lowell Evenness tester, Lap evenness tester, Sliver and roving length sampler etc.
3 Tester for textiles Fabric strength tester, Fabric pick glass, Fabric thickness tester, Fabric resistance of water tester, Martindale fabric abrasion tester, Fabric Pilling Tester, Fabric hook wire tester, Fabric disc wear tester, Flame Tester, Oxygen index tester, Fabric winkle tester, Fabric pendency tester, Fabric style tester, Fabric resilience tester, Fabric Bursting Tester, Fabric tear falling weight instrument, Steam shrinkage tester, Capillary effect tester, Socks transverse stretching tester, etc.
4 Tester for dyeing and finishing  Light and weather tester, Standard light both, Soaping color fastness tester, Fabric shrinkage tester, Dry cleaning tester, Ironing sublimation color fastness tester, Perspiration fastness tester, Fabric shrinkage in hot air tester, Friction color fastness tester, Constant temperature bath oscillator, Sample temperature and high pressure tester, Whiteness tester, Coated fabric Hydrostatic pressure-resistant tester,etc.
5 General Textile tester  Textile special Fast oven ventilation, Eight basket oven , Rapid Moisture Tester, Precision analytical balance, Textile-specific weight, Textile standard dynamometer lever, Textile Standard Resistance Box, etc.
6 Technical Fabric Tester  Geotextile hydrostatic pressure tester , Fall cone method of dynamic punch tester, etc.