Scope & Items

The business covers the areas of fibers, yarns, fabrics, garment, household textiles, industrial textiles, etc. Product category is as follows.

Fibers: cotton, wool, silk, linen and other natural fibers, new man-made fiber, high-tech fiber, engineering fiber etc.

Yarns: natural fiber yarns, new man-made fiber yarn, special filament and yarn, etc.

Fabrics: high-tech fabrics, special finished fabrics, functional fabric etc.

 Products: all kinds of clothing products, for example winter coat, sportswear, underwear, socks, sweaters, mufflers and gloves etc. Household and decoration products, such as the curtain, bedding, furniture furnishings, towel etc. Industrial textiles, such as geosynthetic materials, cord fabric, etc.

 Certification items

 ☆Complying with National General Safety Technical Code for Textile Products

  ☆Ecological textiles

  ☆Anti-bacterial textiles

  ☆UV-proof textiles

  ☆Flame retardant textiles

  ☆Absorption and quick-drying textiles

  ☆Anti-electrostatic textiles

  ☆Wrinkle-free textiles

  ☆Anti-mites textiles

  ☆Warmth retaining textiles

  ☆Oil resistant, waterproof and stain resistant textiles

  ☆Far infrared radiated textiles

  ☆Pure natural and special fiber articles

  ☆Engineering fibers