Certification Procedure



Model I: Sampling and testing + Follow-up inspection

Applicable for individual lot of products



Model II: Sampling and testing + Inspection of factory + Follow-up inspection

Applicable for continuous lots of products



Certification Procedure


1) Customer requesting

The client consults product certification towards CTTC to determine the certification model and certification

project according to the type or characteristics of products. Application form is filled out and documents related to certification are submitted to CTTC.


2) Application and signing contract

After receiving the formal application, CTTC will preliminarily confirm certifiction unit and testing project according to the feedback information, negotiate related matters, and quote the price to client. Both sides sign the certification contract.


3) Document review

After signing the contract, CTTC will review of documents. If the documents conform to the requirements, the

certification process will be carried out according to mode I or II. Otherwise, the documents should be modified.


4) Factory inspection and sampling

CTTC assigns inspectors to audit according to the inspection schedule (Factory inspection is applicable for mode II).The conclusion of inspection will be given during the inspection.


5) Testing

The sample will be delivered for testing, and test reports will be issued.


6) Corrective measures

 For non-conformities, the client shall take corrective measures and submit relevant materials to CTTC.


7) Track inspection
According to relevant corrective materials, CTTC will follow up the effectiveness of the corrective measures and carry out sampling to test again.


8) Certification decision
If non-conformity does not exist or is modified, certification decision will be made as "passed".


9) Issueing certificate

With the approval of the general manager of CTTC, the certificate will be issued, the clients are allowed to use certification mark authorized only by CTTC. Meanwhile, CTTC periodically publishes certification information of registered organization via media.


10) Supervision and inspection
After registration, CTTC will inspect and supervise to make sure sustainable conformity of certification products during the validity of the certificate.


11) Certification renewal
 If the certification expiries, CTTC will review and issue a new certificate.