CTTC  Shenzhen


Chinatesta Textile Testing Services (Shenzhen) (original name as “China Textile Academy Shenzhen Testing Centre”), established in 2008, was accredited by the China National Laboratory Accreditation Board as professional organization for conducting textiles and apparel products testing.

The Sample Collection Centre of CTA was set up in 2004 to provide testing service in Southern China. In Sep. 2005, CTA Shenzhen Testing Centre was established. Situated in the Textiles Material Exchange Market of China South City with an area of 400 m2, the Centre is equipped with comprehensive supporting facilities, good working environment and advanced testing instruments. 

In 2008, Chinatesta Textile Testing Services (Shenzhen) was established. It consists of Testing Lab 1, Testing Lab 2, Quality Assurance Department, etc. In order to provide more timely and convenient services for textiles and apparel enterprises in Southern China, CTTC Shenzhen set up liaison offices in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Fujian and Hong Kong.

In 2010, CTTC Shenzhen was relocated to Donghe Industrial Building, Shen Sha Road, Shatoujiao, Yantian District in Shenzhen, expanded the area of laboratory to more than ​​2000 m2, and added a great number of domestic and foreign advanced testing equipments. The testing capabilities of CTTC Shenzhen has been improved greatly.

After the development of nearly seven years, CTTC Shenzhen can carry out physical, dyeing, chemical, and safety testing of textiles. With an professional technical team, it has become authoritative textile testing organization as a third party.

Laboratory (Sample Collection) Address:
                 8/F., Block B, Donghe Industrial Building, Shen Sha Road, Shatoujiao, Yantian District, Shenzhen City.
                 Tel :+86 0755 89635313                 Fax :+86 0755 89635315
Pearl River Delta Regional Offices: 
Shenzhen Office:
                 Room 701, 7/F., WanDaFeng Building, Dongmen Central Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen City
                 Tel :+86 0755 82398057                 Fax :+86 0755 82398109
Guangzhou Office:
                  Room 105-106, 13 Ligang Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City
                  Tel :+86 020 84355466                   Fax : +86 020 84305879 
Fujian Office:
                  Unit 204, Across the Taiwan Strait Science and Technology Incubator Base, Shi Wu Harbour Industrial Park, Shi Shi City, Fujian
                  Tel :+86 0595 88656012                 Fax :+86 0595 88656010
Hong Kong Office: 
                   Room 301, Block A, Po Lung Centre, 11 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong
                   Tel :+86 852 27210511                  Fax :+86 852 27246024