Chinatesta Textile Testing & Certification Service(CTTC)is a state-owned welfare services founded by China Textile Academy (CTA), and a comprehensive service organization integrated by standardization, testing, metrology and certification.

The testing service of CTTC was provided in 1956. Standardization Institute of CTA of Textile Industry Ministry was founded in 1978. Textile industry standardization institute was organized in 1984. CTTC was registered as an independent legal entity in 2004 and authorized as national high-tech enterprise in 2009.

There are multiple national technical services in CTTC, including Standardization Institute of Textile Industry , China National Textiles Supervision Testing Center, China Nonwovens & Industrial Textiles Testing Center (Beijing) , Synthetic Fibre Supervision Testing Center of Sinopec, China National Textile Metrology Station, The Center of Consumable Test Materials , Journal of Textile Standard & Quality etc. CTTC undertakes Chinese Mirror Committee to ISO/TC38, the chairman organization of ISO/TC38, the secretariats of ISO/TC38/SC2 (laundering, finishing and water resistance), ISO/TC38/SC23 (fibers and yarns), SAC/TC209, SAC/TC209/SC1, SAC/TC209/SC7, Technical Committee on Textile Metrology, Textile Subcommittee of China Metrology Association. Presently, CTTC has established two branches in Shenzhen and Zhejiang, and more than ten offices in Shanghai, Fujian, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Taipei, Japan, South Korea, which has formed the service net covering Chinese textile industry regions and neighbouring countries, and can provide technical supports for the development of textile industry.

CTTC has experienced technical team and famous experts, possesses perfect standardization resources and international-level experimental environment. It can track the latest standard & testing technology and the development of the textile industry at home and abroad. In exploiting new testing and service projects, CTTC can follow international trends and lead domestic advanced level. Over the past five decades, CTTC has become the research & service center of textile standards, product testing and certification, instrument metrology and textile consumables.